Feed Me Links is diffuse, distributed community of social bookmarkers and voracious content-consumers. Before,, and StumbleUpon, we created the first social bookmarking community on the web: Feed Me Links.

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Links are just lights in the city.

Social bookmarking is both our past and future.

Feed Me Links: Social Bookmarking for Cool Kids

Feed Me Links is a niche but thriving social bookmarking community. Having launched in 2002, we predated the social web we now take for granted. Think for a second: no no Like buttons, no smartphone feeds, no round profile pics... just pure, unprocessed, unfiltered URLs to everyone's favorite sites, tagged and curated.

At the time, browser-based (local) bookmarking was de rigueur, and hosting your bookmarks in "the cloud", let alone "open-sourcing" them the entire world, seemed almost insane. But slowly but surely, ~14,000 online archivists signed up to share their bookmarks with friends and the world.


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About Feed Me Links

Feed Me Links ( is an early social-bookmarking site used primarily by hackers, designers, musicians, and artists. Since I no longer have time to work on it, this page is basically a really elaborate 404 page :) Why not read the Feed Me Links Crunchbase entry.


I'm John Manoogian III, founder and chief hacker from Feed Me Links.
I'm working on something new that's pretty neat. Learn more on Twitter.